Bringing Natural Light into Every Room

Natural lighting makes your home a bright and brilliant place to live, everything is brighter, well-lit and more colourful. Imagine leaving a beautiful sunny day outside, just to enter your dark or dull home. Bring that beautiful daylight into every room in your home and let the power of natural lighting improve your life.


One of the most popular areas for entertaining and spending time with the family. Many would agree that several hours of the day are spent in the kitchen and that the addition of daylight to their kitchen and dining space makes them love it even more. Utilising a natural daylighting system in your kitchen area will reduce the amount of electricity used and also naturally enhance the beauty of the space.


Another popular location in the home. The lighting situation in bathrooms is often overlooked, however, a dark bathroom can easily be lit by a single daylighting system with integrated ventilation. This all-in-one daylighting system is the ideal solution for bringing natural daylight into your space whilst keeping your bathroom humidity free.


Hallways have always been notoriously difficult to light well, however, the addition of natural daylight can remedy this problem. With the addition of a daylighting system, such as Solatube’s skylights, you will now be able to see all of the cherished family photos or artworks that line the walls of your hallway.

A dark hallway at nighttime can also become quite an issue for many, as you don’t want to disturb other occupants in the house with glaringly bright light, but you also don’t want to trip on something you can’t see. A simple solution for this is Solatube’s Solar NightLight System. After charging during the day, the integrated skylight/nightlight provides a soft glow after dark to illuminate your path.

Laundry Rooms

When you think of laundry rooms, the first thought that comes to mind is usually a small poorly-lit room. The installation of even the smallest standard skylight model will bring in plenty of daylight to brighten your dull laundry. In addition to saving you the hassle of switching on/off the lights with a basket full of clothes, you will also be saving more on your electricity bills.

Living Rooms

As indicated by the name, the living room is likely one of the rooms where a vast majority of time is spent by the occupants of the home. Whether it’s spending time with the family, watching TV, entertaining or simply taking a break from your busy life, we all find ourselves in this room at some point during the day. The amount of electricity and power used in this room can become excessive and costly. Take a look at some energy-efficient homes that installed natural daylighting to brighten their living rooms.

The amount of ways that you can utilise the power of daylight in your home is endless. Harnessing the power of sunlight doesn’t mean you need to experience brightness all day. If you are looking to dim the lights, kick back and take a nap or watch a movie during the day, then you can with our Daylight Control System. Our Daylight Control System lets you control the daylight in your home, giving you the ability to switch from vibrant sunlight to complete darkness (and anywhere in-between) at the touch of a button.


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